Amazing AI Studio 日本語

With AAS, you can combine visual blocks to create art, compose music, and build neural networks quickly and easily.

Visual blocks.

It will help you implement your ideas very quickly.

No coding is required. Just drag and drop.

Create art.
You can easily draw shapes based on formulas.

Compose music.
Composing with "ABC notation" is very easy.
Since one block is one system, input is intuitive.
Once complete, play and share with everyone.
Let's compose a continuation of notes using LSTM ♪

Layer structure understood at a glance.
Let's implement a neural network in a building block sense.
e.g. MNIST.
Even if layers are complex, each layer is a visible block at a glance, so anyone can see at a glance.
e.g. ACGAN.

Automatic visualization of learning process.
Check results immediately.
There is no need to set the visualization external tool.

Various charts.
Pair plots can also be visualized in a few blocks.

Machine Learning Process on AAS.

  • Step 1

    Gathering data
    (you need a windows app)

  • Step 2

    Cleaning & Preparing data

  • Step 3

    Choosing Learning Algorithm-Building model

  • Step 4

    Training, Evaluating Model & Validation

  • Step 5

    Making Predictions

  • Step 6

    Data visualization-Transforming results


On this page you will find math and machine learning exercises by category.

Test your math and machine learning skills!

Tensorflow Operation / matrices.